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My goal is to help those people with a life transformation and to work together on their life goals. Therefore there needs to be a commitment, the will to work on a life transformation and beeing ready to be authentic to yourself.

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Who is the person behind Coaching by Rabeiah?

I am Rabeiah, a woman full of power, straight to the point, and purpose achieving goals of herself and her clients.

I have worked at the Social Department for the Dutch government in The Netherlands, as a Social worker helping people with different kinds of problems to solve them and move on. As a businesswoman, mother, and goal seeker, I took the big step to leave my country The Netherlands to achieve my goals and extend my experiences with new people in a new country as a Life Coach.

After more than 20 years of experience as a Social worker, a Government consultant, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur, I have decided to spend more time on the subject of Coaching and turned Life coaching into my main business.

I turned Life coaching into my main business cause experiences have made me see a lot of human struggles, most people are walking around with a lot of stress, too many issues in mind, no idea how to get things done anymore. And one of the famous runway tracks is the delay behavior.

People recognize me as a person who’s full of energy and go through life by doing what she loves.

Rabeiah Ben Mokhtar

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I can help you to make a practical action plan for letting go and learning how to delegate so that you can be a driving force that still has time to live!

Let me help you by brainstorming with you what is the best thing you can do for yourself, for your child(ren), for your team or for your business. Everyone needs a fresh pair of eyes , a mirror or a cheerleader sometimes!

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