"Coaching is not what i do, it's who i am"

- Your Personal Coach

Coaching by Rabeiah for who?

Are you suffering for a while, you want to achieve some goals in life, but you get stuck every time. You don’t know what the reason is of staying at one point, no way to make any step forward? It happens with a lot of people, you are not the only one don’t get unsure about this issue. We can work on it and you will be surprised about the results. As long you are authentic and disciplined, we will achieve your goals.

Coaching by Rabeiah is for anyone who is willing to make a transformation in life and can’t do it alone. For the one who is looking for a push in the back.

The coach will allow you to think at a loud way and to tell everything you want to tell, from that point we will take it together till we have reached that level which you are seeking for.

Are you..

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Those are just a few examples of the most people who are seeking for a Coach in life. If you are thinking about getting a Coach and curious about how it will help you? Let’s give it a place a talk about it, at that point you can decide if it is necessary.

Coaching by Rabeiah is also providing coaching on request of schools, Woman organizations and government.  Think about groups coaching for children who are unsure, shy, sensitive or who are involved in teasing. Or groups coaching of women who have been abused.

We give groups coaching to refugees, with the purpose to learn about living in a new country and get a long with all new rules and culture.

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